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Training department at AXIS TELECOM INC. has built competitive advantage through strong fundamental practices, which are ingrained into our operational model and more importantly, our culture. These transverse the complete spectrum of our for business model and are focused on building high customer service orientation within all parts of the organization, through timely training to CSR'S.

This organization model enables individuals, BD heads to be highly focused on operations delivery with direct control and quality specific services. We head and aim towards client- specific training and transitioning. Also we are working in a close -knit fashion and reporting to the same entity. At the same time, the shared services functions such as corporate hr, quality, training etc. provide a system of checks and balances and a mechanism to integrate “best practices across projects” as well as “ the Axis culture” into individual BDs.

The training department function prides itself in creating a truly world - class environment of passion towards excellence in work, career enhancement and leadership development. Training at AXIS TELECOM INC. revolves around the myriad facets of voice and accent, product and soft skills development. We retain internationally certified trainers who deliver client specific and Axis generic training modules.

Finally, the management team retains high quality of understanding and experience of operating in Indian environment. This enables quick resolution of problems, allows for greater flexibility and removes potential problems.
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